Friday, November 4, 2016

BMW is correct SKF – the world of Business

BMW calls the Swedish kullagertillverkaren for damages.

BMW requires SKF damages by a court in the uk administrative court of the High Court of Justice. The process is brought against kullagerbolaget and other brand owners, after SKF’s and its competitors ‘ settlement with the EUROPEAN commission in 2014 for konkurrensbrott.

It is clear from a press release.

the Size of the possible damages, in the event that the SKF would be to be responsible, goes according to SKF is not to determine at the present time.

the EUROPEAN commission’s decision in march 2014, covered infringements of the european competition law concerning the sale of bearings to auto manufacturers in Europe. SKF was one of the six brand owners involved in the investigation.

“According to the decision on the settlement, there is nothing that indicates that Skf’s top management had any involvement in, or knowledge of, the infringement in question. SKF is confident that the activities that the EUROPEAN commission’s decision has not caused the Skf business partners any harm”, said the press release.

On 9 march of this year, SKF announced that Peugeot had launched a court action against SKF and other brand owners when another british court “Competition Appeal Tribunal”, in respect of kartelldomen and its effects.

According to what Theo Kjellberg, press spokesman at SKF, says to the News agency Directly on Friday, SKF has still not been achieved by any precise claims from Peugeot.

the Company has not, says he, some indications that more car manufacturers would be able to possibly be on the way to claim damages.


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