Friday, November 4, 2016

Clearly, with the u.s. border control at Arlanda airport – financial times

the Signatures are on paper and thus it the green light to introduce us border controls are already at the airport.

– this means that it becomes easier to travel between Sweden and the united states, and it will also facilitate trade between the countries, says interior minister Anders Ygeman (S).

At a special ceremony wrote Anders Ygeman and the U.S. ambassador Azita Raji under the agreement, which makes it possible to introduce the so-called preclearance system. This was preceded by long negotiations, which were difficult at some points, according to the minister of the interior.

– There have been questions about costs, about the weapons, how to handle those who are not allowed to enter, for example. But now, we are in agreement, ” he says.


in practical terms, the agreement will mean that american personnel do customs and security controls already at Arlanda airport for the travelers who take a direct flight from there with destination the united states. Powers will be the same as other staff at the airport has, for example, the existing armament.

” They will be unarmed but have access to weapons in the biometric locked cabinets, that is to say, it is required irisavläsning or fingerprints to be able to open and get access to the weapons, in case of special situations, says Ygeman.

the Government has previously commissioned an inquiry to see whether, and if so which, changes in the law required for the system to work according to Swedish legislation. It is scheduled to be presented next summer.


Azita Raji says that she is proud that countries now agree:

the Agreement gives the u.s. the border guards the ability to check people before they sit down on the plane, and relations between the two countries becomes better. We also hope for increased tourism, this can only lead to better understanding and friendship between us.

– For Sweden’s part, I think that it has economic advantages to be the first country in the Nordic region with an airport. Arlanda airport to become a hub in the region, continues to Raji.


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