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Trump assassinated if he wins” – Göteborgs-Posten

the Battle for the White house looks to be a thriller. According to the opinion polls still leads Hillary Clinton – but Trump has not entered. – I think Trump can win, but he wins he gets a shot, believe me, ” says Michael Verdel, 69 from New Jersey.

With only two days left until the u.s. presidential election is the outcome uncertain.

a few weeks ago looked to be an easy victory for Hillary Clinton is no longer a matter of course. According to analyssajten Fivethirtyeight, which compiles a large number of public opinion polls, democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton right now 48.5 per cent of voter support compared to republican Donald Trump’s 45.5 per cent.

Hillary Clinton still has an advantage when it comes to collect at least 270 address – which in the end is what determines the choice.

According to the Fivethirtyeight have Hillary in the present, 64.5% chance to become AMERICA’s next president. The figure has, however, dropped dramatically after that remained at close to 90 per cent before the FBI director James Comey last Friday announced that the FBI reopened an investigation against Clinton. An investigation concerning the private e-mail server that Hillary Clinton used during the time as minister of foreign affairs.

another factor that makes the choice uncertain is that many undecided voters have not yet decided how to vote – or if they even will do it.

“do not Want to vote on any of them”

When the GP walking around in Manhattan during the Saturday evening expresses many of the potential voters a strong disgust against both presidential candidates.

– this selection is the worst I have been through. It is like a boxing match where they just wielding the ugly words and accusations against each other. I do not really want to see any of them in the White house. Both are dishonest and corrupt, ” says Joan Gilmore, 56, from Brooklyn.

she tells us that She is a democrat and she has voted for Barack Obama in the last two elections. Now she does not know who will get her vote.

” I liked Trump in the beginning. He dared to question the corruption going on in congress. We ordinary people vote in people who will make our lives better, but the shoes themselves only themselves. None of them doing anything to improve life for the middle class or the poor. But Trump is at the same time completely crazy and after everything he has said about women and immigrants, I do not know if I can vote for him, ” says Joan Gilmore, 56.

do not Trust Hillary

Her opinions about Hillary Clinton is not much better.

” She can’t be trusted. There is so much around her. And this with her e-mail, I understand me not. She must be hiding something. Had she not had something to hide had she not had to delete several thousand emails, ” says Joan Gilmore.

Joan says that she will decide who she should vote for when she is in the polling station on Tuesday.

” I’ll vote, I always have and I will do now also. It is about choosing the least bad option. Someone will be knocked out on Tuesday. Gut feeling says that it will be Trump, and that I will put my vote on Hillary.

Friends Albert Paz and Andy Gonzales Lyonz, now lives in New York, but is still written in nyckelstaten Florida. They also believe in a victory for the democratic candidate, but just as Joan Gilmore trust they are not on Hillary Clinton.

” I think that Hillary wins. But you cannot trust a word of what she says. There is always an ulterior motive with what she does. What she says sounds often good, but she has hidden purposes. It is like a undervattensström. It’s not visible, but it is there under the surface, ” says Albert Paz.

As an example, he takes up the suspicion that the companies who have supported spouses, the Clinton foundation, The Clinton foundation, may have särbehandlats by the us state department when Hillary was secretary of state.

Andy Gonzales Lyonz says that he thinks the campaign has become a tragic show, which undermined the voters ‘ confidence for both candidates.

– We need someone who is honest and who can create new jobs. Not two candidates who just anklagarna each other all the time. Trump is a successful businessman, but that is all he is. I believe that Hillary is the least bad option so therefore she will probably get my vote, ” says Andy Gonzales Lyonz.

“Trump is an idiot”

One who does not hesitate on who he will vote for an 88-year-old Victor Del Mastro. When the GP hits him on West 45th street between Times Square and eighth avenue in Manhattan, he is clear regarding who he would like to see as AMERICA’s 45th president.

– Hillary! She is a brilliant lawyer but a long political experience. She has lived in the White house with her husband in eight years. Trump knows nothing about politics. He is a dictator. He insults and kicks everyone, ” says Victor Del Mastro.

Before he retired in claims 88-year-old that he worked for Donald Trump at one of his hotels in Manhattan. Del Mastro says he often met with the presidential candidate and his former wife Ivana Trump.

” I worked with the interior and was responsible for the maintenance of the hotel. Trump was an idiot. I liked his wife better. She was polite, civilised and, of course, very beautiful, ” says Victor Del Mastro.

“Young people like the Trumps aggression”

According to his opinion is not nor Hillary is perfect – but he believes that all politicians in one way or another are forced to make trade-offs that may be seen as dishonest.

” Tell me a politician that is not corrupt. Do you want to be involved in the policy, you must make everyone happy, even your enemies. It is about giving and taking, no politician can be 100 percent honest, ” says 88-year-old.

He says that he feels confident that Hillary will win the election.

– She is very polite, Trump is very aggressive. Young people like his aggressiveness, but young people know very little about politics and life. I’m 88 years. When I was young I thought I knew everything until I realized that I knew very little. I think Hillary wins but wins Trump so he will be he is assassinated. It has happened before in this country and it will happen again, if he wins, ” says Victor Del Mastro.

One who, unlike Victor Del Mastro like Donald Trump is the 30-year-old musician Michael Stewart from Philadelphia.

” I like Trump. He is aggressive and takes what he wants and gets it almost always. We need a president with such an attitude. What I don’t like about Trump is his views on muslims, since several of my relatives are muslims, ” says Michael Stewart.

a voice from Michael may, however, not Donald Trump expect to receive.

” I have never voted and I will not do it either. It’s my right to not have to vote. I am really against all the policies to do. Still, we have no idea what is happening. Everything is a game. Ordinary people may never find out what it really is all about, ” says 30-year-old.

Think Trump is murdered

His older friend, 69-year-old pensioner Michael Verdel from New Jersey, believes, however, that it is important to vote, not least in order to stop Donald Trump – which Michael can indirectly save his life.

” I’ll vote for Hillary, Trump is crazy. She is the best option. Her husband Bill received the order of our economy when he was president, and Hillary has the experience required for the job. With Bill at her side will she take the right decision. I think Trump can win, but he wins he gets a shot, believe me. There are people who will never let him survive, ” says Michael Verdel, 69.


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