Sunday, November 6, 2016

Soon, it is in this angry election over, how is the US on? – Aftonbladet

Pembroke Pines, Florida. Many are tired and a little beaten now among Hillary Clinton’s voters.

It does not help that the rain is pouring down.

Or that the measurements showing on an ever-tighter race between the presidential candidates.

the Sunshine state is usually Florida is called. Still pouring the rain down, for the first time in two weeks, we get to know. There are not very many who have come here, kampanjevenemanget were announced late and is a so-called "get out the vote"event.

It is all about getting people to go to the polls, time to vote in advance, here in Florida. It is a vågmästarstat where it differs a few percentage points between Clinton and Trump in the latest measurements, where it is impossible to determine in advance who will win.
Clinton gör entré på scene. Clinton makes his entrance on the stage. Photo: Andreas Bardell Especially the women standing in the audience, some with their own signs which say such things as "puertorikaner for Hillary". They are old and young, some are nice dressed, others in jeans and t-shirt.

Many are the teachers, affiliated to the union of the American Federation of Teachers, who supports Hillary Clinton, and they have knocked doors, called voters, and handed out flyers for several months.

Anna Fusco, the chairman of the lärarfacket at Broward college in Fort Lauderdale, says that campaigning has not always been a bed of roses.

” I had me a t-shirt that it was Hillary in on one occasion and was met by angry screaming Trumpsupportrar. When I went near them they accused me for to have touched their plates and started to scream even more and point the finger. I just went from there.

It has been noted before, and it can be said again: this is a very angry election.

Sakpolitiken is in the background.

Former and mejlservrar is in focus.

And both candidates are disliked.

the Rain öste down during Clinton's speech. the Rain was pouring down during Clinton’s speech. Photo: Andreas Bardell some time Ago, newspapers started to write about a reasonably new phenomenon within the mental illness: valångest, something that many americans are feeling right now.

"I just want this to be over" is the most common comment I have heard from constituents throughout my six weeks long journey through the country.

Maybe that is why the förtidsröstandet has increased in many places in this election. The entire 37 million has already gone and voted.

Many just want it to be over.

When Hillary Clinton comes on the scene in C. B. Smith Park watching the sun. The colorful umbrellas are folded down and the blue signs to pop up: "I will vote" – "I’ll go and vote", and Hillary Clinton’s name with hearts instead of dots.

” How many of you have already gone and voted? ask Hillary Clinton.

Loud cheers in response.

” Good, then you can put the effort in to get the others to go and vote! she replies.

She pulls an anecdote from the debates against Donald Trump:

I stood there next to him in the four and a half hours, I think, shows that I have the stamina to be president. When he began to question what I have done in my 30 years as a politician, I just thought "Donald, you don’t want to go there". I can stand for hours and tell you what I have done.

She should just start listing their accomplishments as first lady during husband’s presidency, when the sky opens up again.

” Go and vote for the future, for the country we want and for our children and grandchildren, God bless you! she concludes instead.

the Clinton supporters in Florida. the Clinton supporters in Florida. Photo: Andreas Bardell Families push their strollers through the lerpölarna on the park’s grass. All want to the cars and drive away.

A woman in a dress comes up to us in the press.

” I want to ask you why you did not write about pedofilanklagelserna.

Excuse me?

” Yes, I have read that the New York police found pedofilmejl in Hillary Clinton’s computer. They were stopped by the justice department from arresting her. It is the FBI-leaks that have stated it, and I have read it through Wikileaks.

We ask for citations, many journalists have examined the hacked e-mails that Wikileaks has published, but no such task has not arrived.

” Nah, but you are well just the liberal media, says the woman.

What did you like about the century? I ask, when the woman once again do not want to tell you which source she has.

Hillary Clinton is a criminal, she replies.

A volunteer from the local Clintonkampanjen ask a guard to show off the woman.

“this is so tiring,” she says to me.

Outside, three men with yellow signs where it says that Bill Clinton is a rapist and that Hillary Clinton is corrupt.

Soon ahead of the election.

And I wonder how the US should proceed after this.


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