Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Toppenstart for the ski season.


It’s snowing abundant in the southern mountains, and the forecast predicts cool. A smakstart for the ski season in other words. – We can let the snow machines going, says Johan Thorn in the Blow.

the Snow falls in the northern Valleys, in on Monday, and John Persson scots snow in Idre.Image: Nisse Schmidt/TT

It is snowing abundantly in the mountain region of dalarna and Härjedalen. Up to now, there have fallen around 20 centimeters in Idre and cold weather also looks set to continue.

– It is jättepositivt. Above all, it makes people wake up and see that winter is on the way. It snows enough, we can prepare for and pista tracks and pistes, ” says Johan Thorn, the president Blow to TT.

But the heavy snow does not necessarily mean that the ski resorts open earlier to the public. The larger properties located in Idre, Lofsdalen and in the Shock, for example, opens as scheduled in december, while some facilities in the Seal can open when there is snow and cold. Romme alpin in Borlänge, sweden, has promised to keep open on the weekends if there is snow.

The nyfallna the snow comes in, instead all skidklubbar to the part that you then get more snow and maybe some more access, or track on their trainings.

– We open some slopes for groups as soon as we can. It depends on when it gets cold. The positive now is that the forecast gives minus 15 degrees as far as you can see. And it is incredibly important for us, because it means that we can allow snowmachines to go, ” says Johan Thorn.

In Idre, in which one is saved snow since last season, will keep some pistes open to the public during the autumn.

Last year was an unusually snöfattig winter where the slopes at some ski resorts just lay far in January.


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