Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Capio favourite for välfärdsrapporter – Business

Carnegie prefer Capio among omsorgstrion Capio, Attendo and Humane. It is clear from an analysis on Tuesday.

the Investment bank believes that the sektorvärderingen for välfärdsbolag is attractive, then the several shares have lost around 10 percent since the end of August when parts of the government’s ongoing välfärdsutredning reached the media.

the commission of Inquiry shall present its proposal on november 8 and would stock prices fall further before the commission’s proposals so mean Carnegie that it is time to bring out the köpbössan and loading.

Carnegie mean that they are most likely with a vinsttak for välfärdsbolagen of between 5% and 9%.

the Bank believes, however, that it is likely that the government’s proposals run into problems when a riksdagsmajoritet would oppose such a vinsttaksförslag.

Capio, which has the relatively lowest valuation among the trio are considered the strongest profit growth and köpstämplas thereby.

Attendo and the Human takes the bank a slightly more cautious approach to and stop at the hold advice.

the Government is expected next week to propose a vinsttak at seven per cent on the invested capital for companies in the healthcare, school and care, said the Swedish Television on Monday night.


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