Wednesday, November 2, 2016

List: the assessed Value chockhöjs – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Local Several municipalities in the county receive significantly higher values, and charges.

the assessed tax values rise by an average of 32 per cent for detached houses in Västerbotten in the year 2018, shows a forecast Villaägarnas Association had statistics SWEDEN.

In Vindeln, increases the house’s value most in the county with 49%. It is also the largest increase in Sweden as a whole.

the Second highest in both the county and Sweden, Vännäs at 45%. In Umeå is increasing the assessed value by 31 per cent and in sweden by 39 percent. In Nordmaling, the increase is of 40%.

Vännäs leads taxeringsvärdeökningen to 63 percent of homes on average get a height fastighetskatt with 1 680 sek, ” says Håkan Larsson, boendeekonom on Villaägarnas Association, in a press release.

Umeå is the tax increase for those below the ceiling of 1 275 sek and in sweden 1 in 163 dollars. There are very heavy tax increases, ” says Håkan Larsson.

Mainly in places where there is a housing shortage and increases the assessed tax values greatly. It, in turn, drives up the property tax for those located below the ceiling.

the Townhouses omtaxeras every three years. Villa owners have had statistics SWEDEN produce a forecast of the assessed tax values in 2018.



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