Wednesday, November 2, 2016

370 economists warn of Donald Trump in open letter – Aftonbladet

NEW YORK city. If Donald Trump wins the presidential election, he would pose a "unique threat" to the entire democratic system in the united states.

The type 370 prominent economists, of which eight have been awarded the prize in economic sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel, in an open letter published in the Wall Street Journal.

"He mislead the voters, reduces the trust to the public institutions with the conspiracy theories and the benefit of conscious deception in front to deal with the reality."

"If he is elected, he would pose a unique threat to the democratic and economic institutions in the united states, and the prosperity of the country"

So, write the 370 leading economists in the letter. Where, it asserts also that it would be "dangerous and destructive" for the united states if Donald Trump would win the presidential election.

Economists criticize Trump for his mistrust of experts, and for the repeated attacks on vital societal functions.

In the letter are also listed several of the presidentkandidatens claims, which they argue does not have any support in the research or statistics.

Eight laureate

Among the signatories, there are eight persons who have awarded the Sveriges Riksbank prize in economic sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel. On the long list of names is Oliver Hart and Angus Deaton, who took home the prize this year and 2015, respectively.

the Wall Street Journal describes the post as an unusually apolitical. The signatories pronounce their support for the Democratic party Hillary Clinton. Towards the end of the text expresses the instead, like this:

"because of these reasons, we strongly recommend that you not vote for Donald Trump."

"Destroyed the institutions"

In a separate letter, which was published on the web during Monday night, however, gives a group of 19 laureate in Clinton their support.

“I don’t usually engage myself politically, but I decided to write in this because I believe that the destruction of AMERICA’s institutions, as Donald Trump has caused is an important moral issue,” says Robert Schiller, one of the signatories, to the Wall Street Journal.

– It is not a common political stance. It is a feeling of indignation against a demagogue.

Dismisses criticism

Peter Navarro, one of Trump’s advisers, hit back against the criticism.

Economists have been so wrong about the importance of trade agreements, so they have very little credibility when they criticize Donald Trump.

– You should not believe the economists or the economics laureates when it comes to trade, ” he says to the Wall Street Journal. SEE ALSO PLUS So affected the world of the US-elections


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