Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Rolléns Greenbridge declared to invest 300 million in the startup Business world

the Greenbridge Partners, a venture capital company controlled by the Hexagon in custody ceo, Ola Rollén, has invested over 300 million in the database service of Neo Technology. The type Di Digital on Wednesday, based on anonymous sources.

the Idea was, according to Di Digital, originally Ola Rollén has served as a board member would be involved in Neo Technology’s efforts to increase sales, and maybe eventually listed on the stock exchange.

“But the suspicion of insider dealing that rocked has been databasbolaget to take a cautious approach,” writes the news site.

Neos operational manager confirms that a financing round recently completed with several investors, including Greenbridge, but declines to further comment on the Di Digital data.

Neo Technology is based in Silicon Valley and has its roots in Malmö, sweden, and is developing a so-called graph database, which facilitates the handling of large amounts of information.

In October 2015, in conjunction with the Greenbridges investment of 20 per cent of the Norwegian Next, ” said Ola Rollén to the News agency Directly that there would come a further Greenbridgeinvestering a little later in 2015. Greenbridges ceo Emanuel Lang filled in that it would probably be more investments during the upcoming twelve months.


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