Friday, November 4, 2016

Ola Rollén has been released …

Hexagonchefen Ola Rollén, who has been arrested in Oslo suspected of illegal insider trading, has been released.

Rollén was arrested in Sweden last Wednesday, October 26, suspected of insider trading in Norwegian teknikbolaget Next Biometrics. When he on Friday in the same week, presented Hexagon’s interim report during a telephone conference call he was arrested, and was supervised by staff from the Swedish financial crime. Thereafter, he was taken to Oslo, and on Saturday arrested him.

According to the Norwegian deutsche bank trust can illegal insider trading result in fines or imprisonment for up to six years. To Hexagonchefen now been released is because there is no longer any risk that he’ll destroy the evidence. The suspicion remains, however, according to the prosecutor. Rollén denies breach.

Erik Keiserud, Rolléns lawyer, confirmed on Friday that his client be released, but he didn’t want to tell you about the Hexagon-the ceo returned to Sweden.


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