Thursday, November 3, 2016

Here is Edelman Deportivos new campaign for Renault Today’s Media

Edelman Deportivo should get more to choose the Renault electric car with a new subsidized driver’s license solely for electric cars. The proposal and the petition will be presented to the Swedish parliament.

the Heavily subsidized training courses for elbilskörkort, free charging at the selected charging stations for the elbilskörkort and free parking for the elbilskörkort.

Renault to put electric car on the map and give a boost to the government’s stated goal of a fossilfuel-free vehicle fleet in 2030. In Edelman Deportivos new campaign for the French manufacturer launched elbilskörkortet – subsidized driver’s license solely for electric cars.

“We want to push on elbilsrevolutionen, then, is the future of the drivers the key player,” says Lars Höglin initiator on the Renault in a press release.

the Initiative is supported by the driving schools around Sweden and the think tank Fores, who also started in 2030 secretariat to ensure that government’s objectives are achieved.

The new driving licence, subsidised by the state and with the designation EB, will facilitate to choose the car. The initiative will be presented for the Swedish parliament.

” the Business community must take its responsibility to lead the society forward and as a manufacturer, we know what obstacles the swedes experience with electric cars. Before has the scope been a barrier, but now when the cars been updated also need social structures to be updated. Therefore, we would like to introduce a subsidised driving licences for electric cars that would increase the possibilities to reach a elbilsrevolution and thus the government’s objectives, ” says Lars Höglin.

With hope and in anticipation of elbilskörkortet becomes reality, inviting the Renault swedes on 400 driving lessons in an electric car. The tuition course is conducted in collaboration with three driving schools in Stockholm, Lund and Norrköping.

Facts about electric cars

• According to the Elbilsstatistik.see, today there are 7 939 electric cars in Sweden (which is 0.17% of the entire Swedish

fleet of cars).

• A Sifo-survey on behalf of Renault from may 2016 shows that 60 per cent of the

the swedes would like to see more changed to the electric car. More than half (51 percent) of swedes think

that politicians are not doing enough today to reach the government’s target.

• With the updated electric car, the Zoe, Renault has almost doubled the car’s previous scope from the

240 km to 400 km according to the NEDC. Zoe with 400 km range can be ordered already now.

• In spring 2016 initiated Elbnb to raise the issue of the lack of infrastructure for the

the charging of electric cars. The service was to facilitate for the driver of an electric car in Sweden, by allowing

the swedes themselves share of its electricity.

this is The meaning of the proposal of the EB-driving licence:

• Heavily subsidised training courses for elbilskörkort

• Free charging at the selected charging stations for the elbilskörkort

• Free car parking for the elbilskörkort


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