Sunday, November 6, 2016

Hansson: Can be Hillary Clinton’s last resort – financial times

NEW YORK. So close to election day, it is unclear how much the FBI-the manager’s new letter will affect the outcome of the presidential election.

But that she does not have prosecution may be the last resort as Hillary Clinton need to win. It is only she that can benefit from the letter.

FBI director James Comeys letter to congress last week about a potential new e-mail scandal with Hillary Clinton in the starring role was a pure gift to Donald Trump.

the Republican candidate had lost miserably in the polls and needed something that could turn valvinden. Despite the very unclear information from the FBI, it appears that he was successful.

On every rally with Trump that I visited in the last week he has at the beginning of his speech brought up the e-postskandalen and hammered into the image of Clinton as corrupt and villainous. All according to the motto ” no smoke without fire.

He has said outright that the new e-mails probably means that Clinton be prosecuted. How would it look like with a new president, who, even before she took the risk to be convicted of a crime? Trump has even argued that Clinton should not be allowed to stand in the election because of this.

the News comes close to the selection

Slowly but surely, Trump gobbled up hillary’s past is so clear lead in the polls. Not only nationally, but most importantly in the so-called svingstaterna that determines who wins. States like Michigan and Pennsylvania was two weeks ago to be safe to the Clinton states. The last few days, closing the gap decreased so much that Trump started to campaign in some of them again in an attempt to take home the victory.

It is difficult to establish that it is just the e-postskandalen who made that Clinton lost support but it is tempting to draw the conclusion of the clear shift in the rates.

the Trump long been able to exploit the fact that she used a private e-mail server instead of the MINISTRY for foreign affairs during his time as foreign minister. She risked, thus, that anyone could hack into her e-mails and get hold of secret data. She did it also in order to avoid transparency in their e-mails. From the foreign MINISTRY can journalists, in some cases, request mejlväxling.

When the FBI told me that there were a lot of new emails that could be sensitive, it strengthened the image of a reckless and mörkläggande Hillary.

When the FBI now clearly says that they do not intend to prosecute Clinton for the e-postskandalen fall, of course, a lot of the Trump line of reasoning.

But the news comes with just two days left to the election. The question is whether the Clinton campaign can get the message out that she is considered innocent.

Very strange by the FBI-the director

During the nine days, Clinton suffered by the new allegations. The damage is probably not irreversible. Especially as millions of americans have already voted, either through poströster or in the early voting, which will be held in many states in order to reduce queues on the day of the election.

the FBI director to handle the way this whole story is very strange. He must have understood that the original letter would have a big impact in the election. Perhaps he should have expected, when the result still turns out to be that nothing has changed since July when the FBI originally stated that they would not prosecute Clinton.

the News that the free Clinton can increase her foreman. But above all, it means that she is not likely to be paralyzed as president if she would be chosen. She don’t have to get their first four years absolutely dominated by e-postskandalen.


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