Friday, November 4, 2016

Good work for officials – the Swedish Radio

fewer and fewer officials said up and notifications don’t need to be pitch black for the affected, according to the quarterly statistics from the TRR the security Council, that the Echo have taken part of.

” We can confirm that Sweden has the strongest labour market since before the financial crisis of 2007-2008. It all goes better for the officials to get a new job, and on average, it is in principle a new job after six months, ” says Lennart Hedström, managing director at TRR the security Council, which helps redundant workers find new jobs.

Until september this year more than 8,000 redundant officials sought support from TRR, compared with over 11 000 a year ago. Eight of the ten who sought the support has got a new job and a small percentage started their own business.

But the labour market will be adversely affected in the end of the year when cutbacks on Ericsson starts to become a reality. In total, the company do away with around 3 000 employees in Sweden. But if it can be good modes to get rid of the job, it seems to be now.

Those who are concerned might not think so in the first place, but our impression is that there clearly is a good labour market in Sweden right now. We have very good experiences from the previous Ericssonprojekt. Approximately 90-95 per cent have found a solution if we look at the closure of the factories in Hudiksvall, sweden, 2010, Gävle, sweden in 2013, says Lennart Hedström.

enhanced mode the labour market has also meant that the officials who are over 50 years old and becoming redundant, has it easier than in the past, ” he says.

“It’s a trend that we have way to employers are clearly starting to appreciate and value the experience and skills in a clearer way,” says Lennart Hedström, president and ceo TRR Council.


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