Sunday, November 6, 2016

Glädjebesked for Hillary Clinton: Leading in the heavy measurements – Aftonbladet

NEW YORK. the day of the Election draws near – and Hillary Clinton have reason to rejoice.

the Three major opinion polls shows that the democratic candidate has an edge.

in Addition, suggest statistics from the förtidsröstningen that Clinton is strongly in the several vågmästarstater.

"Now Trump a miracle," writes analyst John Ralston.

If less than two days, open the polling stations in the united states.

Rivals Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have hectic schedules during the valrörelsens last hours. Almost all the focus is put on the vågmästarstaterna.

During Sunday’s Clinton in Ohio and New Hampshire. The apparently tireless Trump makes the whole five stops: In Iowa, Minneapolis, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. SEE ALSO Here fleeing Trump during valmötet

Advantage for Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s somewhat calmer schedule can possibly be interpreted as that she feels relatively safe on to emerge victorious from Tuesday’s election. Similarly, perhaps Donald Trump’s hectic itinerary is a sign that there is a certain desperation in his campaign.

On Sunday, three major national polls. All show a lead for Democrats.

In the Washington Post and ABC News, as measurement leading Clinton with 48 percent of votes cast, compared with 43 for the Trump. The corresponding figures in the Wall Street Journal and NBC News survey is 44/40. According to the last measurement from the Politico and research firm Morning Consult leads the democrat with 45% of support, against 42 percent for the Republican candidate.

– Our final measurement before the election show that the race is even. But Clinton has kept a small lead in our measurements in several weeks. Now, there is very little that would be able to get voters to change their minds, ” says Kyle Dropp at Morning Consult to the Politico.

But the race to the White house is far from over. In a study that IBD/TIPP conducted on behalf of the Investor’s Business Daily leads Trump by 44 percent in support, compared with 43 percent for Clinton. USC Trackings measurement, which is published in the Los Angeles Times, gives Trump even major management: 48/43 is the position there.

Almost impossible way"

But when it comes to who will actually be the successor to Barack Obama is the end of the vågmästarstaterna absolutely crucial.

Although there has been a trend in the last few days have been positive for Hillary Clinton. Statistics from the förtidsröstningen in Nevada shows an unusually large turnout – and an advantage for the Democrats. Would Donald Trump losing that state, it becomes very difficult for him to reach the White house.

"Trump’s path to victory was almost impossible before the results came in," writes Jon Ralston, political analyst on tv channel ABC 13, and continues:

"But now Donald Trump is a miracle in Vegas on the day of the election".

Uncertain in Florida

A state that Republicans must take home in order to have even a chance to win the election is Florida. Where it looks to be a real thriller on 8 november. Hillary Clinton has, however, a hardly advantage in förtidsröstningen. Latinoamerikaner is an important väljargrupp in the state, and they tend to vote democratic.

“It’s looking good for Hillary Clinton, but it is definitely still a state that can go both ways,” says democratic analyst Steve Schale. SEE ALSO "Terrorplaner against the presidential election"


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