Friday, January 29, 2016

Violent attacks in Stockholm – a griffin – Swedish Radio

A large group of black-clad and masked people should Aftonbladet attacking people who appear to have a foreign background in the area around the central train station in Stockholm in the evening. Before the attack the racist fliers have spread.

Swedish Radio reporter reports that at least eight police buses and several cars with heavily equipped riot police remained at the central station in the evening.

A police source says to Aftonbladet that different groups consisting of both fotbollshulliganer and Nazis moved in the city.

According to the newspaper, a large group of black-clad and masked people attacking the people who seem to have a foreign background in the area around the central station during the evening. In a film that Aftonbladet published shows how a large black clad, masked gang embarks on a number of security guards at the Sergel Square. Before the attack the racist leaflets entitled “It’s enough now” have spread, directed against the “street children” at the Centre.

“40-50 nazis in central Stockholm that has broken all non-whites they seen ..,” wrote Daniel Riazat, Left Semitic MP, on Twitter during the evening.

Police wanted initially not comment on Swedish Radio if it was something special operation, without referring to the unusually large number of people moved out because of the mild weather.

– The case of a regular salary weekend, said Albin Birch bark Mountain, press officer at the Stockholm police, to TT earlier in the evening.

Later he confirmed through police website that a person has been arrested for assault and that two people suspected of assaulting a police officer and crimes against knife law.

Jail Inspector Frederick Nylen says to Swedish Radio that he did not know more than that a man arrested after beating a policeman. Another three people into custody for disturbing public order. All four will “possibly from the same company,” said Nylen.

According Nylen’s police operation was going on at the center during the evening complete.


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