Sunday, January 31, 2016

The benefits of organic food questioned – Sydsvenskan

Last year the sale of such food by 39 percent, which was the highest growth rate in the world.

But the benefits of organic food is questionable. Most recently from Denmark, where a report by the International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems in Aarhus shows that organically produced foods are not healthier for humans than the food produced in the conventional way. Not the environmentally friendly either.

The conclusion is, according to the scientists, contrary to the general perception that organic food is better for health and the environment.

According to Professor Lars Bergström, there is extensive research showing that there are no health or environmental benefits of organic food. On the contrary.

– All experiments, we show that nutrient losses will be much greater in organic farming.

The big problem, says he is to harvest only gets about half as large in organic farming, which means that the environmental ‘cost’ of each product are significantly higher.

According to the Danish report seems to organic milk production to be better for the environment, while organic pig farming is worse because it results in higher NOx emissions than conventional pig farming.

“There are many dilemmas surrounding organic food. Land animals drop their excrement out in the fields, causing nitrogen emissions with the risk of nitrate leaching, “said one of the researchers, Lizzie Melby Jespersen, the Science Nordic.

According to Lars Bergström adds the state, county councils and municipalities billions every year on subsidies for organic food – no scientific evidence that it is better for either health or the environment. This is partly about environmental aid to farmers, partly on procurement of organic food to schools and hospitals.

– I calculated once that the extra money spent on organic food in schools would suffice to 3 000 teachers. I think this is irresponsible of politicians. One of the reasons why it looks like it does is to trade earn much by selling a dream or feeling, says Lars Bergström.


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