Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Who will win the retorikmatchen and presidential elections in the united states? – Radio Sweden

Politicians get away with more lies in american politics than in Swedish. There is talk that voters go on what feels right rather than who is the most honest candidate.

” But now in the last stage, has Donald Trump’s lies started to lay him in the platter. Hillary Clinton has used them as ammunition in a rather skilful way. Trump is skilled at whipping up emotions. His core group becomes strongly affected, and then the tolerance is larger to accept the lies, ” says retorikexperten Peter Nitschke in P3′s election night party.

Trump has totalförnekat several things, as he mocked a disabled reporter. He has also said that he did not support the war in Iraq – despite the fact that he did it. Clinton has said that her private e-mail server was entirely according to the rules – this was not the case.

– Clinton is a different kind of politician than Trump and has therefore been reviewed harder. People expect not so much of Donald Trump. He has so many lies and said so much bizarre things so you lose count. His electorate is so engaged, it becomes almost some kind of revival meetings. Many people perceive Clinton as uncaring, and calculating. Therefore, it will be considered as the worse and the lies will be very sensitive, ” says Peter Nitschke.

A republican voter, said: “You can’t believe in Hillary Clinton, she loves a straight up in your face”. What has she done wrong?

– She is partially medskyldig. She has been slow to admit that she lied in some cases and then not apologised properly. She admitted that she had done wrong with mejlskandalen and then it was not more talk about it during the debate against Trump. What she should have done in the past.

Trump, however, has never acknowledged that he lied. He has apologised for some statements but not recognized any lies.

How has the electoral process been purely rhetorical?

– There are two polar opposites we are able to see. First, we have plugghästen Clinton that has bulleted lists and explains in detail what she’ll do as president. Then we have Trump that shoots from the hip. It feels like he says things in the heat of the moment. He rarely speak in full sentences and use very short words, often with just one syllable. He’s talking on a sjätteklassares level.

do you Think it is to attract specific groups?
– By some he was perceived as more authentic. He is not the cold, calculating politician without talking that people do at the coffee. It fits his ustrålning.

Who will win the retorikmatchen?

” I think Hillary Clinton wins. She can feel a bit cold and mechanical at times but Donald Trump is not numbered.


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