Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The battle for the gains in welfare this for real – Expressen

today at 11 o’clock, left the government investigators Ilmar Reepalu over välfärdsutredningen to civilminister Ardalan Shekarabi – it is about activities within the school, care and elderly care.

the Question was great already before the 2014 elections and the requirement of removing the gains in welfare are the Swedish conditions in order to support the government’s budget.

– Any surplus to be in excess shall be transferred to the operations in which they occurred, ” says Ilmar Reepalu at the press conference on the regeringshögkvarteret a Comment.

Earlier in the fall, leaked parts of the study out – and it talked about a vintstuttag below 10 per cent. During the Monday formulated the jewish community the findings of the investigation in an op-ed in Svenska Dagbladet.

the Investigator proposes a vinsttak at seven per cent on the invested capital – other profit shall be reinvested in the business.

"My own capital investment is relatively small"

It means current assets minus current assets, ” says Reepalu and count up what is not included: shares, receivables, räntesnurror, short-term placements, or excess liquidity.

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the Commission’s calculations show that the so-called övervinsterna was 6 billion in the welfare sector in 2014. With the proposed cap of 1.7 billion instead.

According to the jewish community it is today if the numbers on a 34% return on operating capital school and 51 per cent in health and health care.

When it comes to the welfare sector won’t have the companies to invest in, for example, equipment other types of businesses have to do, ” says Reepalu.

– In this sector, you can normally money in advance. It means that my own investment is relatively small, ” says Reepalu.

the Diversity and the supply has been adversely affected by developments with for-profit companies, according to the investigator, because the large corporations pushing more and more companies.

Suitability should also be tested at the owners

the Investigation also has looked at the situation in the other nordic countries, and notes that the for-profit players, it is absolutely prohibited within the publicly funded school.

in addition to the investigation introduce the state to receive public funds – something that should be given of the Inspection of health and social care, Ivo, respectively, the Swedish schools Inspectorate.

Fitness will also be tested at the owners and the home shall also be subject to licensing requirements, according to the proposal.

the Alliance says no to a general vinsttak and would rather see vinstutdelningsbegränsningar linked to quality and the threat of sanctions such as state takeover of an activity that does not meet the quality requirements.

But the jewish community believes that the quality becomes very resource-intensive because the system requires a solid administration. The same goes for the bemanningskrav, dismissed.

Government hits the ruling coalition parties had agreed

When the M-leader Anna Kinberg Batra at the end of October, went out and searched for a blocköverskridande calls about the welfare welcomed inviten of both civilminister Ardalan Shekarabi, S, and prime minister Stefan Löfven, S.

the Government hits the ruling coalition parties had agreed on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the matter.

But since The sweden democrats are backing up the alliance’s position is no riksdagsmajoritet for a general vinsttak.

at the same time pressed the government of the partner of the Left who believe that the seven percent is too much.


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