Monday, November 7, 2016

SEB: Hansa Medical share can femfaldigas – Business

SEB believes that the company Hansa Medical’s prime candidate Ides will reach a risk-adjusted sales of over sek 1 billion with high margins in 2020. The analysis is based on an approval for the Ides, in 2018.

It is clear from a daily analysis where SEB begins with coverage with a buy recommendation, something the News agency Directly have reported on earlier on Monday.

Hansa Medical is singled out as an obvious acquisition target. Unless the company is bought up assessing the SEB that the stock exchange value will be four – to femfaldigas within three to four years. This is reflected in the SEB’s kassaflödesvärdering of the company at 310 sek, and on the basis of future vinstmultiplar with a score of 344 per share. The bank, however, choose in its analysis that the limit riktkursen to sek 250 per share.

the cash position for Hansa Medical is expected to last another ten months. This will however 185 million as the company takes in in a directed share issue. With this supplement is expected to the cashier last until the end of 2018.

the Ides developed to enable kidney transplants in some patients by deactivating specific antibodies. The bank also sees possible uses for the Ides in the treatment of autoimmune diseases and in oncology.

Hansa Medical advance in the early trading on Monday, with 27 percent to 90 kronor. The share closed at 71 crowns on Friday.


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