Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Samsungavtal gives the rush in Precise – personal Business

According to Precise Biometrics provides now Samsung entering the market for fingeravtryckssensorer. Previously the sensors to the Samsung’s models delivered by the Fingerprint Cards, the competitors of Synaptics and Egistec.

“If it is true, it is attention-grabbing which strategy Samsung select. Samsung may start to produce sensors for their own models. At the same time, one can not exclude the continuation of multi-sourcing with Synaptics and/or Egistec,” said Daniel Djurberg, an analyst at Handelsbanken, to the News agency Directly.

According to Daniel Djurberg turn it tighter against Samsung’s current sensorleverantörer Synaptics and Egistec, but it does affect the Fingerprint indirectly.

“It may be negative, even if Samsung choose to run their own sensors for their own lurking changed the whole dynamics of the market. It can turn to others who want to get into with Samsung and if they choose to throw out the Synaptics and Egistec, it would lead to an increase in competition in the rest of the market,” said Daniel Djurberg.

another analyst, who wishes to remain anonymous, points out that over a period of time has been rumored that Samsung would start making a sensor. It is also in line with Samsung’s strategy of chipsidan, where the south Korean company has its own processor, but also using snapdragon from Qualcomm.

“Samsung would be able to become self-sufficient on the sensors, but they have not chosen to do so with other components. It can also be the case that when Samsung enters a market, they want to safely sell to others also”, the analyst says, and adds that he thinks that the custom sensor is the most is meant for the own mobiles.

it Is now completely out of the question that the Fingerprint can be a supplier to Samsung?

“They may come in at any model. But it can of course affect the potential market volume for the Fingerprint,” says the analyst.

At 16 the time was Precise Biometrics ‘ share has risen more than 20 percent, while the Fingerprint fallen 3.5 per cent.

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