Monday, November 7, 2016

Pittsburgh can protect Clinton against Trump – Expressen

PITTSBURGH. Hillary Clinton valspurtade in Pennsylvania during the night of Monday,.

She chose to come here twice during the last day of the kampanjande.

She knows that Pennsylvania is a great defensive wall against Donald Trump.

The two presidential candidates traveled like maniacs the last day of the kampanjande. And, not surprisingly, chose both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to carry out a few last, important rallies in North Carolina, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Many are the republicans who dreamed of to pick the home of Pennsylvania and its many electors, 20 pieces in a year. But no one has managed since 1988.

Hillary Clinton also goes into the home straight with a small, but stable lead in most polls. The type of lead that turned into victory for Barack Obama in 2012 or George W Bush in 2004.

Great deal of optimism about Clinton’s valspurt

So it is not surprising that optimism in a höstsoligt and färgsprudlande Pittsburgh was optimistic. It was here at the university, which Hillary Clinton held its first meeting for the day before flying on to Grand Rapids, Michigan.

“I feel just fine,” says Kathy Friel, 76 years, who came here with her daughter Martha Sasonski, 51 years of age.

” We are standing on the threshold to experience the story again. I am 100 percent sure that Hillary will win this and become our first female president.

Their last dose of concern, disappeared when the FBI director James Comey on Sunday announced that the FBI found no criminal among the new e-mails they found, a story that dominated during the valspurten. Many of them appeared to be copies of already reviewed the e-mails.

Pennsylvania’s special systems can help Clinton

Pennsylvania is one of those states where americans can’t vote in advance without an excuse, so most will vote first in the morning. The announcement from the FBI may thus be some doubt as been disturbed by the first announcement from the FBI to finally vote for Hillary anyway.

Himself has Hillary Clinton not commented on, and she did it not in the night either. She knows that she just have nothing to gain from talking about "those damned e-mails", which her democratic opponents in the primaries by Bernie Sanders once put it.

Hillary Clinton does of course not charge any victory in advance, but she gives a rather relaxed impression this final day. Gone are the warnings about that it might be war if Donald Trump becomes president.

Yes, gone are most of the time "the Donald “Trump" also. She calls him in the rule "my opponent" instead, here in Pittsburgh, but she holds back the harshest attacks.

instead, she tries to strike an optimistic tone and a brighter tomorrow for the united states.

” I think America’s best days are ahead of us. I really believe it.

– We can fix this. We do not need to accept a dark vision of America. We can vote for an America with a big heart in the morning.

Spent a century for his mom

Hillary Clinton knows that americans are basically always been an optimistic people. She expects, apparently, to the optimizer to go home this time.

She also spends a part of the century, let me talk about your mother Dorothy and her tough upbringing.

She gave me kampviljan and the lesson that all have to be sometimes we are knocked down. What matters is that we rise again.

Hillary got a knock in the run from the FBI. But she definitely stands up here in Pittsburgh.

And she gets the biggest applause when she promises to fight for equal pay for women and men, something she says at most every speech. She is just over a day to make history if she reaches the goal, to become the first in U.S. history that gets addressed as Madame President.

Barack Obama gives great support

Hillary Clinton would return to Pennsylvania late in the night for a great finalmöte in Philadelphia. She has always had far more allies on his side during the campaign in and in the night brought the heaviest around her.

Where was her husband, former president Bill Clinton, and daughter Chelsea. Where were the incumbent, president Barack Obama and U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama.

No incumbent president in modern times has been campaigning as much for his successor, Barack Obama. He knows that his own legacy is at stake. It is secured with Hillary Clinton in the White house, it is in danger of quickly being demolished by Donald Trump.

She would get heavy musical help as well. Bruce Springsteen snatched up just as he did for Barack Obama in the finals.

This time On the Streets of Philadelphia.


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