Monday, November 7, 2016

Olle Lönnaeus: Donald Trump – an american nightmare.

So does the USA-the choice of Sweden and the swedes.

Donald Trump vs Hillary ClintonImage: Mary Altaffer and Chuck Burton

Hillary Clinton has been touted the united states-the election for “the most important thing in our lifetime”.

She’s right. Who wins will be essential not only for a few hundred million americans – but even us swedes.

the Reason is spelled Donald Trump.

the Presidential elections in the world’s only superpower stands between a policy of full-blooded pros – good and bad – and a sexist amatörpolitiker, ‘climate change deniers’ and security duds.

Winning state, Hillary Clinton, expecting “business as usual”.

Win the Donald Trump hit the world of shock. Sweden’s relations with the united states torn up in basis. Our security, our economy, our opportunities to be with and save the climate on the earth – everything is affected.

Seldom has Sweden relations with the united states has been so good as now.

President Barack Obama pays tribute to often the “Swedish welfare model”. At the meetings in the White house, his vice president Joe Biden heard exclaim: "If only everyone would be like the scandinavians, then everything would be easier."

In the spring, invited Obama into Stefan Löfven and the other nordic heads of government to Washington in order to initiate a closer cooperation on economy, green technology, poverty reduction and climate action.

In september, the Obama and Löfven common hosts for a flyktingtoppmöte in New York.

Hillary Clinton president, they consist of friendly ties. She was the minister of foreign affairs in the Obama administration from 2009 to 2013 and just like the way he to the Swedish model. Her husband Bill Clinton president 1993-2001 – was also warm feelings for Scandinavia.

Olle Lönnaeus.: Win Hillary Clinton waiting “business as usual”.Image: Andrew Harnik

Sweden and the swedes means Hillary Clinton continuity. Possibly with a important exception: the trade.

Long appeared to be Hillary Clinton, like Obama, as a warm frihandelsvän. But under pressure from both his democratic candidate in the primaries, Bernie Sanders, and republican rival Donald Trump, she has been towards more protectionism. Now expresses her doubts about the free trade agreement TTIP between the US and the EU – as she herself had to negotiate.

It can go out over Sweden. Just over 8% of our exports go to the US. Barriers to trade across the Atlantic beats against our growth and our jobs.

But this is the closest to a negligible shift compared with the abyss of uncertainty opens at a Trump-victory.

What he thinks about Sweden, we do not know. Trumps statements have been confused and contradictory. But he has pointed to Sweden as a warning of what happens when a country lets in too many refugees.

“Look at what happens in Sweden, look at what happens in Germany,” exclaimed he at a kampanjmöte.

Donald Trump’s economic policy is extremely protectionist, writes Olle Lönnaeus.Image: Chuck Burton

Profit for the Trump is a nightmare for Sweden. In the short term can just the uncertainty about what the new president should take to trigger an economic shock with falling stock markets around the world. The market abhors uncertainty.

Donald Trump’s economic policy is extremely protectionist. He has promised to protect american companies and jobs to travel the sky-high tariff barriers against the outside world. 35 percent on mexican goods. 45 per cent of chinese. No one knows how much it will be on the european.

But there is an obvious risk that Trumps policies will trigger a global trade war which would be devastating for a small, trade-dependent country like Sweden.

the Worst, from a Swedish perspective, however, is that Trump as president would make the globe a more dangerous place for everyone.

When it comes to combating terrorism is whether Obama or Clinton some pigeons. When american special forces killed Osama bin Laden at a blixträd in Pakistan rejoiced together in the White House “Situation Room”. If Hillary Clinton takes over expected she fight the ICE in the same way as Obama.

most Likely she continues also on the Obama-line that would rather quit than start a new war.

How to acting the Trump? No one knows.

On the one hand, he has svamlat that the united states should be able to use their nuclear weapons, now when you still have them. Which sounds extremely worrying given that he as the president may kärnvapennycklarna in his hand. On the other hand, expresses itself Trump constantly admiringly about Vladimir Putin.

Ever since the second world war, Sweden’s security policy, built on a close co-operation with the USA and Nato. “Non-aligned” on the paper. In practice, however, both Sweden and the united states have assumed that we are on the same page.

Sweden is participating in the US-led military exercises in Nato. Recently signed, the government of a host country agreements preparing for Natotrupp on Swedish soil in case of a crisis. Sweden is part of the US coalition fighting IS in Iraq and Syria; in Iraq the Swedish elite soldiers on the spot.

Now, says Donald Trump: If I become the president, perhaps, not the united states longer comply with article 5 of the Natostadgan and called out to the other member states.

At a time when Russia is acting increasingly aggressively towards its neighbors means Trumps the mere statement of a destabilization – not least around the Baltic sea.

A weakened Nato and the reduction of the US presence in the world is certainly not in Sweden’s interest.

While Clinton wants the united states to continue to be a leading donor of development aid to poor countries are going to Trump cut aid.Image: Patrick Semansky

Donald Trump does not want to just travel handelsmurar. He also wants to build a 300 mile long natural wall along the border with Mexico. He also talks about stopping the muslims from entering the united states.

Hillary Clinton want to legalize undocumented latinos, and continue to try to build friendly relations with the muslim world. Donald Trump sees mexicans as criminals and muslims as terrorists.

While Clinton wants the united states to continue to be a leading donor of development aid to poor countries are going to Trump cut aid.

All of this helps to destabilize an already unstable world – which of course also affects us swedes.

At last the climate. Our time planet think both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, just as the Swedish politicians.

Trump denies that there is a climate effect and want to tear up the paris agreement in which the world’s countries finally agreed to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases.

thus, It is no wonder that all Swedish politicians – except Jimmie Åkesson – now keeping my fingers crossed really hard for Hillary Clinton to win.

And if she loses?

Yes, in the end there is nothing else to do for Stefan Löfven and Margot Wallström than to adapt to the new world situation. For without a relationship to the united states, Sweden can never be.


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