Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Known chocolate makes a brexit – or is it? – Svenska Dagbladet

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Mondelez International manufactures Toblerone, writing on his Facebook page that it has been forced to change the appearance and the weight of the chocolate because the ingredients become more expensive. The decision applies only to the chocolate in two of the sizes that are sold in the uk market, and has been taken to chokladkonsumenterna not need to be shocked with a rise in prices, says Mondelez.

But it is not argument that british chocolate lovers are content with. On the contrary, raging against the decision, which is called "idiotic", "ridiculous" and "simply urdumt". A chokladköpare writes that the new shape of the Toblerone looks like "a really, really bad copy," writes The Guardian.

Several major british media attention, the decision to change the Toblerones appearance, and the fact that this only occurred on the packaging that sold right in the united kingdom.

BBC News quotes the ilskne consumer Philip Joseph: “You buy a chocolate bar and expect it to look like it usually does, but instead it’s as if you only get half as much chocolate.”

John Prescott, the deputy prime minister in Tony Blair’s government, says on Twitter that it is Brexits wrong to Toblerone decreased in size. He has put out a picture of how the chocolate looked like before and after Brexit and tweet "Brexit just got real" (Brexit just got real").

To Toblerones new look in the Uk would have something with the Brexit to make be denied, however, by a spokeswoman for Mondelez. Several international companies have actually tried to raise the prices of its products in the united kingdom in order to repel the effects of the pound’s case, after the referendum on leaving the EU, writes The Guardian.

Toblerone was created in 1908 by the swiss Theodor Tobler. The chocolate has got its name after the creator and the Italian word "torrone" which means honey and mandelnougat.

Many people believe that the chocolate the form is supposed to mimic the swiss alps, because the mountain the matterhorn is on the packaging, but it is said to be a myth. According to the Toblers, the son inspired the father instead of the dancers at the Folies Bergères in Paris – their closing piece, took the shape of a pyramid.

The two Tobleronestorlekar affected by the change in the Uk is that previously been 400 grams heavy, the weight is now reduced to 360 grams, and the 170-gramskakan reduced to 150 grams.


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